Recreational Soccer – Youth and Adults (GLSL)

(All Ages over 8 Years, Recreational)

The GLSL is a “Multi-Jurisdictional Club League”, a recreational-only league formed from teams from multiple clubs, managed by a separate league executive (as opposed to being managed by any one club).

A fun recreational league involving Perth, Carleton Place, and Almonte.
Teams play for 12 weeks and play on one night and practice on another.
Half the games are played at Conlon Fields (HOME Field), and the other half at the field of the opposing Club.  For example : Beckwith Park and Almonte Field.  For more information see


Teams Currently offered by PUSC for 2019, below /Fees $175 per player


U10 Boys

  • Games: Tuesdays
  • Practice Night :

U10 Girls

  • Games: Mondays
  • Practices:

U12 Boys

  • Games: Wednesdays
  • Practice Night :

U12 Girls:

  • Games: Thursdays
  • Practice Night :

U14 Girls

  • Game Nights: Mondays
  • Practice Nights : TBA

U15 Boys

  • Game Nights: Tuesdays
  • Practice Nights:

U16 Girls

  • Game Nights: Thursdays
  • Practice:

U17 Boys

  • Game Nights: Wednesdays
  • Practice :

U18M (Mixed)

  • Game Nights: Sundays
  • Practice :

40+ Women (1977) – Team Contact :

  • Plays Friday Nights
  • Practice Night (NONE)

If you have a group of kids of a similar age, you may suggest another category ie: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 Boys/Girls/Mixed.  Each team Needs a minimum of 12 players and a coach to open a new category in our Recreational Division.

Contact the Club General Manager for more information.